Cabins and services on board of gulet

Planning a gulet cruise holidays involves several decisions. One of the most difficult is surely choosing the right gulet regarding the size and the comfort of cabins for the best possible price. Looking at gulet ships everyone has its own style and accommodation standards. So how does one go about choosing the right gulet cruise ship that is perfect regarding their budget and lifestyle? Read the info below and it might give you a better idea.

Cabins - what to expect?
You have to know gulet type ships are not huge cruise liners with thousands and more cabins on board. Most of the gulet type ships have from 4 to 8 cabins and can accommodate up to maximum 18 people. We like to compare the gulets to small and charming boutique hotels on water. So do not expect huge 100 square meters cabins with balcony as you will not get them. However you will get nice comfortable space usually with double bed and always with private shower and toilet, air condition and with space to store your luggage. As most of the time you will be outside the cabin are big enough. And you will never have the need for something bigger during your cruise. 

Cabins & Categories
The size of cabins and size of equipment in cabins are connected with the luxury of the vessel. One of the most important aspects when it comes to luxury of the gulet is the ratio between length and cabins: bigger the gulet is and less cabins it has more luxurious and comfortable it usually is.

Services on board
Either you pay 50.000 € for your weekly gulet charter or you book a standard type gulet for around 6.000 €/week, we in cooperation with owners keep general standard services on all gulet cruises. On all our gulet type ships you will get the services specified below.

Check in Formalities
     a) the crew will take care of your luggage upon your arrival to gulet,
     b) the captain and/or representative will introduce you to your crew, show you all the cabins on gulet and inform you about the 
necessary info you have to know, while you are on gulet,
     c) during the welcome drink party, you will discuss your holidays expectation and wishes and double check the preference list, after that you will also talk to the captain regarding the final itinerary and your "MUST SEE" places.

During your Gulet Cruise
     a) owner/representative or captain will offer you whole support for all your (reasonable) wishes, 
     b) Your cabins will be cleaned every day,
     c) bed sheets are changed minimum 1 time in a week (usually more depending on the luxury of the gulet),
     d) You have bathroom towels included, 
sun towels (are not always included, it depends on a gulet),
     e) You can spend nights either on anchor away from crowds or check different city every day/evening an,
      f) the crew will always be there for you to cook, clean and make sure you have a great gulet cruise experience,
     g) Water sports: most of the gulets are equipped with water-sports possibilities. It can be canoes, ringo rides, waterskiing, windsurfing or even JET SKI on more luxury type gulets. All gulets have a set of board games, some masks and snorkels. The JET SKI can be use only if client has the licence for it.

IMPORTANT NOTE: A/C running time is 4 to 6 hours per day out of ports. It all depends on gulet to gulet and it is determined in individual offer or contract. When the gulets are anchored in bays the A/C is running on generator and the generator is a bit noisy.

Check out formalities
     a) during the check out formalities the captain will always ask you to fill the crew report for the feedback about your holidays,
     b) we will make sure your transfer back to airport is as smooth as possible,
     c) You will leave your trip full of nice memories.