Gulet charter Croatia - How to book a gulet ship in Croatia!

Croatia is second biggest market for gulet cruises. In last 15 years more then 50 gulet ships came from Turkey to offer gulet holidays in Croatia. So now there is very nice range of Standard, Luxury and DELUXE gulets and vessels available for charter. 

There is one thing which is incredibly important when booking a gulet in Croatia and people are not aware of it! While Croatia is becoming one of the HOTEST places to be in last 5 years due to incredible nature and sea, when it comes to gulet cruises - the concept is totaly different as the on in Turkey!

This information is very important and even if you have not yet cruised on gulets before (or if you have not cruised in Turkey) you will find this info very very usefull.

In Croatia one of the hardest thing EVER is to find a very good crew, who will work hard to make your holidays a perfect gulet cruise experience. And because of that reason it is SUPER IMPORTANT for the gulet owners in Croatia to:

a) either be ON BOARD of gulets entire season and make sure everything is done proeprly

b) have a crew which they can trust 100%, that is working for them for years to come

If the owner is THE REAL DEAL and he has the crew that knows how to follow his wishes - then you have a winning combination! In Croatia some gulets have clients that are coming back for years, while some gulets have from 60% and up to 80% booked periods only by repeated clients.

gulet_croatia.jpg  Gulet cruises Croatia


In Croatia there are 50 gulet type ships and around 30 of them trully offer perfect services and are well maintained. And you have to know also 1 more thing which is very important.


What does this mean? This means if you trully wish to book a gulet with perfect services, crew, food and quality - WE ADVISE YOU TO HURRY. As there is a good chanche (especialy in the high season), that all decent gulets will be booked.

And we have another advice for you....There is a coleration with the size of the discount which you will recieve and the percentage of your non-happines. To put this in a real life example...If you get a deal which is 50% off....this actualy means you will have 50% possibility you WILL NOT BE HAPPY AT THE END OF YOUR CRUISE.

Lower prices usualy mean saving on services, food, quality - and this all means you will have a bad taste n your mouht after the cruise.

More very interesting info about Croatia gulet cruises you can also find in broshures! On the right side of this page!


The good news is, that it is possible! All you have to do is ask for advice somebody who:

a) knows all the gulets and gulet owners in Croatia personaly! 

b) who gives lots of business to owners and that is why they give him special deals and volume discounts!

c) knows Croatia like his own pocket and can suggest you best places to see and things to do in Croatia!

And beeing on this page, you just meet that person. 

All you have to do is send us inquiry, and we will be happy to negotiate in your name, give you best possible advice on gulets, route and activites in Croatia and organize for you the HOLIDAYS OF YOUR DREAMS!