The Essence of a Gulet Charter

The term gulet refers to the ancient design of sea-faring ships made by the Turks. A modern gulet charter means much more than travelling in that ship/boat. The experience goes beyond the boat, despite the boat being really magnificent. A gulet charter is much more than a typical cruise and no cruise in the world can equal the relaxation, the fun, the natural scenery acquaintance, the excellence in service, and the price competitiveness of a gulet charter.
While cruises are thought of as an expensive recluse for the novel rich, gulet charter holidays represent an affordable but life changing experience that no amount of money can buy. To begin with, the ships are handcrafted and then furnished with world class perfection (think Syrian linens, king size cabin beds, plasma TVs, satellite phones, high-speed internet connectivity etc). The voyage will be to your desired destinations, at your command and wish, seeing what you choose to see, and doing what you wish to do. A gulet charter is like escaping from the world and creating yours in the comfort and luxury foreign to kings. 
Gulet cruises  gulet_andi_star_2.jpg
Gulet charter holidays in Croatia includes a full crew charter and a competitively priced and fully personalized service to cater for your vacation needs with your family or friends. You will daily cuise from one exotic island to another, some of them are uninhabited and still in their virgin state. You will delight in such water sports as deep sea diving and swimming. You will greet Mother Nature by hand during your adventure explorations. You will while the dark away in wild night entertainment. You will keep your fun at the optimal with indoor entertainment and outdoor nature rendezvous; the choice is yours. 
The essence of a gulet charter is in the experience. It is in the level of relaxation and enjoyment. It is in the amount of fun and the unique encounters with some of the greatest natural sceneries the world has to offer. A gulet charter is the true meaning of a holiday.
Private gulet charter

Gulet cruises originated from Turkey. More then 30 years ago this sector experienced huge progress, when first gulet type ships were built especially for charter purposes. Till then more then 2.000 gulet charter type ships were made from standard category to super luxury gulet ships. In last years there was a huge competition and the name “Blue cruise” almost changed name to “Luxury cruise”.
Other countries have also seen the huge advantage in these ships with perfect concept for private gulet charter trips. So 10 years ago Blue cruise also started in Croatia, and now there are more then 50 gulet charter ships available also. In last years gulet charter also became very popular in Greece and Italy, while the newest destination where you can rent a gulet now is Maldives.

Best way to experience blue cruise is by renting private gulet charter for entire group. This will enable you to organize your own route, choose your own food and totally adopt your blue cruise holidays regarding your exact wishes. You can choose from almost unlimited possibilities for any budget or group size. You can get luxury yacht charter for 10 persons for budgets from 20.000 EUR and up to 50.000 EUR/week, or you can go party with your group of friends, for less then 5.000 EUR/week (in low season for Standard gulet). You can rent gulets that have from 3 and up to 16 cabins, while you will find most possibilities for gulets that have 5 or 8 cabins.

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