Gulet charter categorization & price ranges!

On this page you can check detailed descriptions and prices which apply for every category. The prices are calculated as prices per person/week regarding the maximum number of guests possible on each gulet charter. For extra info contact your Travel Agent!


  • Standard category

    Under 1.000 €/person/week  

    - 90% of Gulets have air condition in every cabin.

    - Most gulets have from 4 and up to 8 cabin each with own shower & toilet.

    - Friendly and flexible crew, comfortable cabins good food.

    - Prices in October and May are flexible.

    - Prices in June and September range from 600 –750 €/person/week.

    - Prices in July and August range from 800 – 1.000 €/person/week  

    Gulets in this price range, can be compared to 3 star hotels. 

  • Luxury category
    Between 1.000 and 1.500 €/person/week
    - Air conditioned gulets, newer, better, bigger gulets. 
    - From 5 and up to 8 cabins, each with own shower and toilet. 
    - Superb services and professional crew. 
    - Food will blow your mind away! 
    - Prices in Oktober and May can get down to around 700 €/person/week. 
    - Prices in June and September range from 800 – 1.200 €/person/week.
    - Prices in July and August range from 1.300 – 1.500 €/person/week.
    You can already find amazing gulets here and expect the same standard of services as in 4 star hotels or better. 
  • DELUX Category

    More then 1.500 €/person/week 

    - Best gulets you can find on the market. 

    - From 5 and up to 8 cabins 

    - Superb services, crews and accommodation.   

    - Prices start from 1.000 €/person/week in May and October.  

    - June and September: from 1.250 € and up to 2.500 €/person/week. 

    - July and August: from 1.500 € – 3.500 €/person/week.  

    You will get a lot more from your Blue Voyage holidays than you would on any 5 stars hotel in this category range.