Select Croatia for your clients dream gulet cruise



As Croatia is one of the most beautiful countries in the World (when it comes to all kind of  cruises). And when it comes to gulet cruise concept – it is also the best one, if not THE BEST!!!
Croatia has more than 1.200 islands. And they are all close to each other. And Croatia has it all:
Incredible bays for swimming over the day
Super clean and safe sea (no sharks or other dangerous animals)
Lots of smaller villages to explore on different islands
Lots of medium picturesque ports to check out
Lots of coast cities for shopping, parties and sightseeing
Lots of cultural and archeological sites
Natural beauties all over the islands
Smell of the sea and pine trees


Gulet cruise - CroatiaBlue cruis Croatia

There are around 50 gulet type ships now in Croatia cruises area. All of them came from Turkey because they have recognized the incredible scenery and sea, which Croatia has to offer. 

Croatia blue cruise is famous by its unique islands with picturesque villages and medium sized towns. This gives you best combination of total relaxation during the day and easy walks and exploration of towns such as Dubrovnik, Hvar, Korčula, Makarska, Vis, Šibenik, Zadar and much more.