• Are you a group of friends, checking different destination for travel every year?
  • Wish to explore as much of different destinations in the word as possible?
  • You have a problem, because half of your friends wish to make the most out of every vacations and all the time check all the possible sights, while you only wish to relax in the sun?

Well it can hardly get easier to accomplish all that on a cruise, on a private yacht, where everything is organized completely by your own group wishes, and where you do not have to adapt to anybody.

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The great thing about traveling with gulets is that they are private yachts. It is a private group so the trip can be completely modified by the special group wishes.
The other great thing is also that the groups on a gulet are traveling without moving. You are going from place to place without packing your bags and moving every day from hotel to hotel and from bus to bus.
You do not have to make check in and check out every day. On gulets it is total relaxation while checking different scenery every day.




  • as private charter, the only people on board is your friends and a crew. you can modify your trip regarding to your interest. So the trip be modified as diving trip, party cruise, low budget cruise, super luxury cruise, nudist cruise…
  • while cruising half of the group can go on some archeological trip, while other half can swim in some bay and enjoy the sun
  • organize a trip with 2, 3, 4 or more couples, friends or people sharing the same interest as you and you can have fun together

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