Business, team building

Virtually any sponsored business or corporate event can be arranged aboard a gulet cruise ship. Most meeting planners agree that cruising is the way to go for the best customer satisfaction and money value!

For business and corporate groups, we can organize:
  • Business & Corporate Meetings
  • Incentive, Reward & Appreciation Programs
  • Professional & Training Seminars
  • Sales & Performance Seminars
  • Partial & Full Ship Charters

business and team building gulet cruises



Gulet cruise is a unique and unsurpassed experience. You will be leaving to a real trip full of surprises, tasks and unsuspected challenges. Our programs offer you endless possibilities and we definitely suggest that you do not shape your team in a classroom and that you do not copy the information from the blackboard. 

Decide for the UNCOMMON, CRAZY, DIFFERENT ... ... but above all efficient training!

If you were meeting your co-workers solely in the office, and you were separated by working desks, cubicle walls and separated offices, prepare yourself for a small change...

... For this time you will experience a big challenge all together and through it you will  become a top team.

In the same boat on the blue waters of the sea, you will be together, cruising and puling ropes to raise the sails. Sitting by the same eating table together in the middle of a beautiful isolated bay, together under the open sky… Wherever you will be, you will be together!! Your roof will be the sun, the wind and the clouds…
You will become more proficient because of the experiences, tasks and challenges that you will solve as a mutually connected cruise team.

You can choose:

  • in a range of super luxury to low budget gulet cruises
  • ships accommodating from 4 and up to 24 or more passengers
  • a flotilla/regatta of gulets, accommodating over 200 or more people
  • special menus, prepared in advance by your wishes
  • special itineraries, excursions and events

For more detailed information please do not hesitate to contact your Agent!