Families with children

  • Wish to travel to a destination with your kids and check the most that that country has to offer?
  • Are you worried kids will not like bus drives and daily trips to different location from your hotel?
  • Are you scared of all the logistics?

Well, the logistics could hardly get easier than on a cruise, where your hotel room travels with you, and the same bed, and all your stuff, awaits every night. 

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If you are considering going on a cruise with children or teen-agers, this section will give you a list of gulets that have specific family-related or kids/teens programs. They are usually held at spring break or summer vacation time. But even without special programs most of the gulets are wonderful for families if the activities focus on nature and wildlife. What kid can be bored with close-up encounters with dolphins in Croatia, trying to take first water ski lessons in clear Dalmatian waters, swimming and diving for shells every day in a different bay or taking lessons from his father how to catch a fish?

Cruises also can give kids a sense of place and sense of history that they cannot obtain in a classroom.

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-    as private charter, the only people on board is your family and a crew
-    get closer to your children
-    use our family route, designed to assure % safety for small children on board
-    use the crew on board, to teach your children to fish, water ski, dive and more
-    modify the route and food menu completely by your wishes
-    organize a trip with 2, 3 or even more families together on 1 gulet, so children can have fun together